Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Festivals, gatherings, fairs, OH MY!

So much coming up, folks!  I'm going to try to give you a thorough (giggle) summary of what's to come.

Next Saturday, April 27th, is the Huyck Preserve's Bird Festival, from 1 - 5pm.  Lots of activities and crafts related to birding, including a talk by local wildlife rehabilitator Kelly Martin.  We'll be up there with snacks and beverages.  Later that evening we are celebrating Neighborday in Medusa - drop by for a drink or a snack and hang out on the porch for a while.  Maybe we can brainstorm more beefed up neighborliness here in Medusa!
The following Saturday is MedusaFest!  May 4th promises tons of great activities, and we'll be there as well, with snacks, beverages and tons of fantastic products!  The Store is also holding a yard sale that day, with everything from commercial overstocks to toys.  On May 5th, starting at 3pm, Sustainable Hilltowns is hosting a talk at Conkling Hall in Rensselaerville: Restorative Pasture Management.  This exciting discussion will be led by Morgan Hartman and Gary Kleppel, both experts on holistic management of pasture lands. Farmers, property owners, and interested residents are encouraged to attend.

Several save-the-date activities as well: on Sunday, June 2nd, from 3 to 7pm, the Town of Rensselaerville is hosting a town-wide picnic.  We'll be there with a table, as well lots of other local businesses - a great opportunity to meet your local officials and check out the myriad of amazing businesses and organizations in our township.  On Saturday, June 8, from 11- 3pm, by popular demand, we're having another health fair!  We're welcoming local physician Dr. Myria Emeny, nurse practitioner Joanne Cross and massage therapist Sarah Smigel, as well as lots of local vendors hawking such wares as herbal remedies and all natural cosmetics.

Can you believe all that his happening right here in our little corner of the universe?  So grateful - for the sunshine, finally, and for such great company!  See you soon!