Friday, July 13, 2012

Moving again...

Thanks to everyone to reached out - we have a new house to rent, and apparently we'll all be having a new neighbor, as Sal sold his house on Willsey Road, too.  Can't wait to meet her - and really can't wait to get my brood settled into somewhere semi-permanent.

(It occurs to me that this blog would be so much more interesting with pictures, so I am vowing to make that happen more regularly.  Or if someone has some amazing Medusa pics, send them to me to post.)

My babes and I have actually managed to spend quite a bit of time at the store lately, and I would like to renew my insistence that we have some of the most interesting people in the world, living right here in our little foot-of-the-mighty-Catskills burb.  Conversations are never light, and I think, just might have more than a few world-saving kernels.

The latest?  How do we become a sustainable community without the overwhelming problem that tends to facilitate action?  How do we become a Sustainable Brooklyn (or South Bronx) or Bellingham, without being big enough to matter or problematic enough for anyone to care?  Should we even care?  Why, after all, should we make our molehill address the problems of the mountain?

I guess there are no "have to's". But how about we focus on figuring out how to talk to each other again?  We're actually getting pretty good at that here in Medusa.  Even though I find the Tea Party movement a bit hard to take, the participants regularly entertain us with their theories, conspiracy or otherwise.  And I happen to love hearing about the dreams of my neighbors, many of which seem to touch on how to become more independent and self-sufficient.

So what if that's the hook: We become sustainable by learning how to rise about the increasing polarization of our communities?  How about here in Medusa, we plain folk decide that we are going to talk more, communicate more wisely and make the world a better place, one life-changing conversation at a time?