Friday, June 6, 2014

About the gas...

So here's the thing...

We don't have gasoline available right now for a lot of reasons. And I thought perhaps one blog post might get you all up to speed.

First, it was a slow spring. Let's be honest, the economy isn't great - we are all doing what we can to get by. And when you get a long, cold winter, and a slow start to the summer, it is hard on us all. So we have taken a brief pause from offering gasoline to catch up on bills with our gas company.

Second, now that I have your attention, I need for folks to realize the economy of gasoline. Regardless of your politics, gasoline is a hard commodity. (And please don't email me and tell me who's responsible; I don't care.) We sell gas because so many of you want it, and have expressed to us how important it is that we have gasoline available for you in the village. But there is an unspoken agreement that you can't just use us for gasoline, especially now that John Ray and Sons keeps us within pennies of other area stores.


Because we don't make much money - pennies, really - on a gallon of gas. So when you drop by to fill up and refuse to buy anything else in the store, well, that means we are really just a public service. And while we do enjoy serving our community, gasoline doesn't keep the doors open, and it doesn't feed our kids.

Bottom line: if you want gas, you need to buy groceries. Some of you will bristle and be mad at me. Some of you will be put out and never come back. But that is the reality of the situation: we choose to offer you the best possible price on everything that we can, and that means your responsibility is to choose us (sometimes, not always and not for everything) above Price Chopper and Hannaford and Honest Weight and Trader Joe's and all of the other big groceries that are many miles away. It's really very simple.

And listen, as many of you know, we also have rather special gas. In addition to the regular unleaded, we have been carrying ethanol-free gas, which is a superior product for small engines. We do try pretty hard to get you the products you want.

So there you have it. We're not holding out on you on purpose: as soon as we catch up on as bills, we will put gas back here. But I can't promise it will always be here - it is totally up to you. When you tell your friends how cool it is that we have ethanol-free gas, remind them that we also have amazing organic bananas and make a mean deli sandwich. Because buying a few groceries makes all the difference.

Thanks, as always,

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