Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's trending in Medusa?

I couldn't resist. Sentences that begin with "What's trending..." have annoyed me for several months now, and I have, of late, adopted the if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em strategy.

So here's what's predicted to become unspeakably popular in Medusa over the next few months.

First, we are following this article to the letter. We will be boosting our digital presence. No, I still don't have a conventional website. But, I will continue to bother you ceaselessly on Facebook and here, and through email blasts. Because I am not one of those mom and pop's being left behind while the waves of digital masters overtake us. No way. Not us.

Also, apparently even though I constantly whine about when people will "get it", by which I mean shopping local and voting with their dollar, and embracing community and all that stuff, you actually *are* doing it. According to aforementioned article (posted by a fellow who undoubtedly has his finger on the pulse on all that is local): "The percentage of online search queries focused on local businesses continues to accelerate, with an even greater growth in local search via mobile devices." I read that sentence this way: you are looking for us! Yay!

There was also some promising news in another piece, constructed by someone who seems to care deeply about we rural small businesses. (And, really, I am as shocked as you are that there is actually someone out there defining the business trends for those of us that are rural and small.) Here's a tidbit I had to share:  
Trend 3. Brain Gain brings 30-44 year-olds to small towns
After decades of the “brain drain” of young people graduating and leaving small towns, a significant return flow of adults is changing rural dynamics.
 Now, while I might sound a bit tongue-in-cheek about some of these articles, this "trend" is not only incredibly exciting, but we are witnessing it happening. I don't have the space (or the inclination to ruin the surprise), but there are more amazing projects blossoming in our area than I can count. We have a growing population of talented, creative and highly skilled knowledge workers who are putting down roots in our community, spending countless hours building businesses, and investing emotional energy into transforming themselves into locals. (Maybe we'll even see the metamorphosis of what it means to be "a local".) Frankly, it's incredibly impressive and speaks volumes about our chances of becoming a vibrant economic ecosystem that can withstand the uncertainty of the next few decades.

So I'm ending this with a plug. We are helping out with MedusaFest this year - and I would love to see a huge turnout from our small business community.  Setup fee is nominal - $10 to the Firehouse, which is both a deal and a great cause - and we could be capitalizing on an unbelievable opportunity. We are shaping the future. We're rural, connected, creative and passionate, and we have the power to create the types of communities that understand the challenges and embrace the possibilities.

Are you in?

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  1. April, I think you are doing a great job of educating people about the importance of supporting local business! I believe that for most people it takes awhile for these ideas to sink in. Why should we give our money to big corporations that have no stake in our communities? I love your store and find it terrific that when I am in Medusa, I can eat just from your store! The food is often local, delicious and almost always good for me! Also, there is often a nice conversation going on that makes me feel that I live in an interesting and friendly town! see you tomorrow!