Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Enter the new...

So we're looking for someone...

As always, we have plans.  Lots of them never come to fruition, because the plans always, always outnumber us.  But we are facing the huge need to get the back cooler room done, and somehow configure an attic office to reduce the mess out front.  We have signs that are halfway through the design stage, and shelving that needs to go up.

And we need at least one reliable, part time person who wants to be a partner in this endeavor called MGS. We are looking for someone, who, frankly, really likes people.  And who thinks that eating good is a pretty damn fine idea, but who isn't above selling loose tobacco and cheap beer.  We need a person who can offer ideas, help with buying and researching, but who isn't afraid to get dirty.  Because mostly what we do is clean.

If you think that making cheese for retail just might be a good idea, if you aren't afraid of getting up early or being here late, and if you actually think making great bread from flours we might someday mill here in Rensselaerville is not just crazy talk, then maybe you should come chat with us.

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