Monday, May 31, 2010

Post-Memorial Day re-stocking!

What a weekend!  How amazing to greet so many new faces!

We ran out of tons of things - we are still trying to get a handle on what folks want a lot of, so be patient with us!  We should have milk again by Wednesday - both Meadowbrook and from Byrne Dairy, including chocolate milk.  We'll also be getting organic milk, cottage cheese, sour cream and some other things from Byrne.

We also ran out of bread!!  So sorry - we have left messages with the Freihofer guy, and hopefully he'll be in ASAP.  Most wonderfully, we are also scheduled to receive a delivery of gluten-free bread from Westerlo's Mrs. Turner's Bakery.  She comes highly recommended, and we are really looking forward to meeting her!

Ice cream is also running low, and hopefully Gillette will be in early in the week to restock - they have fantastic ice cream at really reasonable prices.

Our deli has been fantastically successful - so we are really anxious to see the Boar's Head truck this week.  We are really looking forward to making out own pasta and potato salads, though.  This week we'll (hopefully) have a few specialty sandwiches available to grab and go - we have some fresh mozzarella cheese in, as well as roasted red pepper hummus.

We have a lot of Bob Cropp's lettuces - which we will be retailing as well as using in the deli - they are fantastic.  We also have red onions, tomatoes, broccoli, cremini mushrooms and some avocados in stock, as well as amazing Valencia oranges.  And!! Don't forget that we have portabella mushrooms in as well, if you plan on grilling.

Saturday is MedusaFest and we are planning some grand opening specials - we can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Correction: We have ice cream now!!

The amazing guys from Gillette Creamery delivered today!  So we have a nice selection of Edy's, Haagan Daaz and Nestle products, in addition to our *very* reasonably priced (and tasty!) Julie's organic ice cream.

If you are barbecuing for the holiday, keep in mind that we have Free Bird organic drumsticks, as well as thighs available in our frozen foods section - as well as a nice variety of marinades and sauces.  We'll have some fresh produce in tomorrow, and I'll be picking more strawberries on Saturday morning.  Irene from Sheepy Hollow Farm, is also planning to bring us in some rhubarb, so for those of you with a craving for strawberry rhubarb pie, come on in!

Jason's had some amazing deli sandwich specials available, too - call for the special of the day - we aren't quite organized enough to start posting ahead of time yet.  Soon...  We're getting more Hunan Dumplings in on Friday, and some other deli salads, too. I'm also trying to get some good quality hummus for a special deli sandwich - known unofficially as "the Mandy" (as in Mulholland Kosich!), it'll contain hummus, muenster cheese and honey mustard dressing, with several veggies.

More to come, folks!  Visit often and stay tuned!

Monday, May 24, 2010

More ice cream!

We'll have ice cream by Friday!  Gillette Creamery is bringing us ice cream by Nestle, Edy's and Haagan Daaz.  Maybe some frozen entrees, too.  They were awesome guys - really familiar with our area and the Store.

And (thank god!) Friehofer's has finally returned phone calls, so we'll have bread available by the end of the week.  And Byrne Dairy was out, too, so if you wanted an alternative to Meadowbrook and don't want to fork over the big bucks for organic milk, we'll have something to offer you.

Please keep spreading the word - we're open, including the deli and the gas pumps!  We're also planning to start a lunch delivery program for businesses in the Cairo, Durham and Greenville area (to start with).  We'll have a weekly menu of subs and sandwiches (and soups, coming this fall) with a few specials and vegetarian options.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of the week update

What an amazing week!  Thanks to everyone for your support!

We have a ton of new products in for you to check out.  I have organic chicken: FreeBird from Pennsylvania, for a greatprice - we have thighs and drumsticks, frozen.

We have new produce in - this time I got some loose leaf - Olivia's brand of baby spinach and spring mix.  We also have cremini mushrooms, with portabellas coming in for the holiday weekend. Lots of fresh broccoli, peppers and carrots.  Have a lot of ripe avocados, too.

I saw mention of frozen pizza on Facebook and wanted to point out that we have a lot of frozen entrees, including pizza.  All reasonably priced, and organic.  Have a selection of everything from burritos to fish sticks and chicken patties to lasagna and eggplant parm.  We also have Julie's organic ice cream, which is awesome, and I plan to order some Ben and Jerry's for next week.  And we have Gillette Creamery coming out next week!

Also, some news on dairy - we have figured out a plan to get Meadowbrook milk here, for those of you who asked.  And we'll be supplementing with organic cheeses as well as products from Byrne dairy.

I'll post word when we here about the status of our liquor license, but it's probably going to be a while for that.  But credit cards are now accepted, and you can pump gas!!!

Come in to see us soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Second day update!

Hey all -

Thanks for all the well wishes!  (Please, oh please, don't make me post all of this on Facebook! One online system is about all I can keep up with - so I'll drop in there and let you know when we have updates, and you can follow the link here.)

All is going really well - one correction: we won't have gas till a bit later in the week.  (Have to get Weights and Measures out first. But the pumps are ready as soon as we get approval.)

To answer a few questions and respond to some requests: we do have a lot of gluten-free products. We also have a nice selection of organic produce - lettuce, green peppers, broccoli, avocado, onions, garlic, yams and potatoes, oranges, apples, bananas and tomatoes.  We also have a great line of fresh nuts, from mixed to pistachios, walnuts and almonds, salted and non-salted.

I would love to offer some more along the lines of prepared foods for the deli as well.  The natural foods distributor can offer us some fantastic sesame noodles and Hunan dumplings - a lot of really tasty vegetarian dishes, and, come the fall, they can ship us Moosewood soups.  Boar's Head also offers a nice line of prepared salads - potato and pasta.

I am also seeking local vendors for eggs and chicken.  If you know anyone, please let me know, or ask them to drop by.

I am also willing to order organic products by the case for interested folks - just drop in and see me.

Again, thanks a ton for everyone's good wishes!!  Can't wait to see you in Medusa!

Monday, May 17, 2010

We're open!

We're open!!  

We're officially open for business!  We've got natural and whole foods, including produce, a fully stocked deli, with Boar's Head meats, cheeses and salads.  Plus a full line of convenience store products, like snacks and drinks.  We've got cigarettes and, starting tomorrow, we've got gas, too!

We'll be getting beer and wine soon, as well as the lottery.  We're also planning for more baked and prepared foods, a few lines of toys and books, and few other surprises.

So come on in!!  We can't wait to see everyone!