Sunday, November 1, 2009


We plan to reopen the Medusa General Store in the spirit of what it has always been – the community’s source for a range of merchandise and convenience items, as well as a magnet for local chatter and neighborly connection. For decades, the Medusa General Store represented a vital community asset, supplying a rural community with goods and services, and giving life to a sleepy Hilltown village.

Specifically, the main building will regain its identify as a general/country store, providing retail space for general merchandise, including dry goods, produce and household supplies. It will also include a deli and web café, committed to a whole foods menu, emphasizing locally grown/ raised food. North Atlantic Information Systems ( has agreed to provide computing access as well as WiFi services. The main building will also house a community arts space. The outbuilding will provide space for an outdoor expeditions and bike repair shop, as well as a small engine repair center. Shared office space will be provided for each of these small businesses. (Per their zoning laws (available on line at most of these uses conform with existing zoning for the Medusa hamlet, although some will require special permits. All are thoroughly in line with the goals expressed in the Rensselaerville Comprehensive Plan.)

It is our expectation that not only will the Medusa General Store reopen as the landmark it has always been, but it can respond to the needs of a new demographic. Historically a community that was rooted in a traditional farming culture, Medusa (and the rest of the southern Albany County Hilltown communities) is struggling to shape an identity on the metropolitan fringe of the Capital District. Medusa General Store can support this transition to a new sustainable culture and viable economy by providing support for those entrepreneurs interested in tackling a small business.

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  1. This is great news I am glad to see that someone will be reopening the store!

    Do you have a time line for any of your plans?