Thursday, December 2, 2010


Been weeks, I know - it is exceedingly difficult to find time to write this, but I promise to get more updates done in the next few weeks.  Lots going on, and lots of things in planning, and lots to talk about.

First, I have always resisted the impulse to tell you all to buy local.  I trust you will buy where ever you feel comfortable, and where you can get the best value for your dollars.  But now, after a frighteningly slow month, I want to gently suggest that your dollars are best spent in our community, and we could really use the business, especially in the winter.  Although it is absolutely true that we cannot always offer the most competitive prices on every product, we *can* offer great deals on a lot of really superior products.  We also carry, to the greatest degree possible, products made by your neighbors.  Dollars spent here stay here, and support our community.  End of lecture!

That said, we are actively trying to meet the needs of more of you.  Beer and wine are coming soon!  (I swear!)  Painfully slowly, and we're really sorry - most of the delays are on our shoulders, as the Liquor Authority has been really helpful.  We plan to have it by the first of the year, though - so feel free to start making suggestions - other than Bud Light, Miller Light and Coors Lights, which have already been added to the list by an entire contingent of local beer drinkers.  Would be nice to have some local beer and microbrews, too.

We are also constantly improving our selection of tobacco products, from name brands to cheaper alternatives.  We have one of the best selections of loose tobacco in the region, and we'll try to get anything you request.

We also continue to expand our selection of top quality all-natural and organic products.  This weeks brings a number of new products, with the majority of them coming in at sale prices that we happily pass on to you.  Albert's is sending broccoli and restocking our avocados, as well as our tomatoes and lettuces.  We've got navel oranges in, and fresh Indian Ladder Farms apples.  Macrovegetarian products are in tomorrow as well - Hunan Dumplings and Buckwheat Soba noodles. We've got fresh Vermont tofu in the cooler, and a wide selection of nuts, from seasonal pistachios and pecans to our favorite tamari roasted almonds, mixed nuts and walnuts. 

We're trying the Immaculate Baking Company through UNFI this week, which offers a wide selection of all-natural cookie doughs, and they are an amazing company with a pay-it-forward sort of mission.  Plus, Late July cookies are on sale again, so we've stocked up on a number of them.  Florida Natural's fruit snacks will be back in, too, by popular demand.  Lots of fresh gluten-free breads and bagels in from Udi's, and next week, Pamela's cheesecakes, which are delicious as well as gluten-free.  We've got a ton of seasonal products in for the Holidays, and will take preorders for all natural and organic turkeys and hams, as well as continually offering beef and pork selections from Morning Fog Farm in Berne.

More of you have been taking advantage of our bulk ordering program - we offer 15% over cost for anything in UNFI's sale catalogs.  I've been sending out email blasts - if you want to be added to our list, drop in or send me an email at 

Gift baskets are coming this week as well - tentatively, we're offering a seasonal spice basket, several assorted tea baskets, and baking baskets, including a gluten-free one.  And, because I can't help myself, a chocolate basket. 

There are several weekly meet-ups in the works as well.  We'd like to host a crafting for charity group inspired by Craft Hope.  And I'm gauging interest in hosting a weekly meetup for artistic moms, which is utterly self-serving, I know, but I'm thinking the only way I'm getting to a PhD defense is with a little encouragement!.  There's also been some interest in a weekly playgroup - I don't think our Rensselaerville playgroup is in business these days, but if there's anyone interested in helping to reorganize, I don't think it would be difficult to drum up a crowd.

And events!  We (Janice, our amazing and lovely postmaster at the grand olde Medusa PO, and I) are needing some caroling.  Seriously.  So, on the heels of a beautiful tree lighting at our Medusa church, we are inviting everyone to meet up at the Store at around 6pm on the 11th, for an evening of old time village caroling.  Since we are pretty sure we're not the only ones who don't remember the third verse to Silent Night, we'll be providing the lyrics and the encouragement, and some refreshments afterward.  And not being musical is no excuse - this is purely about fun!  We're having a Living Market that day, too, from 11am - 3pm, so if you still have gifts to buy, keep this in mind: you can spend your Christmas budget by investing in a community in the developing world.  More details to follow...

Phew!  That's it for now - remember to remember us, and lots of love!


  1. Best blog post in months!

  2. OMG, Angela - forgot to mention - we'll also have a disinfecting the floor basket. ;)