Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A spring to remember!

It's just pouring snow here, as I write this.  But we have such amazing things afoot for the coming months!

Don't forget:  February 12th is the first inaugural Winter Carnival in Medusa!  On our short list is sledding (we have a lovely sledding hill BUILT behind the Firehouse!), skating in our Pavilion and ice fishing up at Sikule Pond; tons of kid crafts and local vendors; great food, music, and fun!  It is OUR midwinter break.  And we're planning to make it an every-year tradition!

Also at the Carnival, we, for the first time, will be unveiling plans for the newly formed (and about-to-be-incorporated) Medusa Council on the Arts.  Our time has come - to share our own beautiful expressions of creativity, but also (are you sitting down?) to have the opportunity to welcome world class art to our awakening Helderberg hamlet.

Our amazing curator, Angela Cappetta, is an inspiration to us all.  A renowned fine arts photographer, she has put together a series of art shows from late February into next year, involving an eclectic mix of photography, painting, and sculpture that promises to inspire and amaze.  Her challenge is not easily met, either.  We've asked her to come up with gallery works for the store that are accessible to everyone as well as representing examples of world class art.  We think she's done it and we cannot wait to share this with you.  You also might have caught her recent article in New York City's Common Creative.

The work of Allison Nowlin will open our gallery on February 26.  In Angela's words, Allison's art expresses the "rich light and deep, tonal palette demonstrating her personal view that the dusty, obscured and darkened state of the world is a lovely and eloquent place to visit---but not to live."  Amazing stuff, Medusa, and I am so grateful we have these amazing works to share.  We are planning some music for that evening, which promises to be a special affair.

Now for those of you who know my store intimately, you might be wondering, where on earth could this art go?  Well, breathe easy - the threatened renovations are here.  We have completely deconstructed the warehouse area (hopefully dear Ernie and Ruth Bell will forgive us!) and are moving all of our coolers and freezers back there.  We'll be reconfiguring the front entry, with slightly less shelving and more cafe tables.  And that's just the beginning!  Keep your fingers crossed that all the renovations come together quickly and as inexpensively as possible!

New openings every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the year. If you are interested in showing your own art in our gallery, please contact Angela's gallery blog and follow the call-for-entries links to apply.

Many of our openings will coincide with Medusa events, including MedusaFest and an amazing July 4th extravaganza.  We are also hoping to have a local music series coming this fall, as well as a number of irresistible art-centric activities.  And don't forget - we have a Hilltowns Climate Change Conference coming in 2012 - if you'd like to participate, or even just argue with me about the realities of climate change, I would truly love to hear from you!  Please drop in the Store for the latest details.  And get yourself on Facebook, so I can keep you in the loop on the blow-by-blow details of our renovations!

As always, be a believer!  And come love Medusa!


  1. I love the all the things going on in my old hometown! Amazing news.

  2. April is a genius. She is single handedly bringing Medusa to the forefront of the Catskills as "coolest place ever."

  3. Well, you know, FAR from single handedly!

    (And Lora - come home!)