Tuesday, October 2, 2012

State of the Store

It would be impossible to tell each and every one of you this in person, so consider this blog a sort of heart-to-heart with each of you.

We have decided to try to sell the store.  Now, this isn't a tragic, we're-about-to-close confessional.  It has been some time in coming, and we have no plans to close.  To repeat that: we have no plans to close any time soon.  This remains a successful business, a joy to run, and we are grateful to have had this amazing opporunity.

But we have had a long year.  Between employee issues, a state audit, and increasingly expsensive products, we were exhausted.  But after being turned down by two different banks, after verbal commitments from both that they would kick in extra funding for capital improvement projects, we think we are ready for our next adventure.  Plus, as you know, we have a growing young family, with *two* unbelievable new babies. 

I don't want to use this as a place to rant about those of you who still, after three years, continue to drive to Albany for your groceries.  Water under the bridge, as they say.  But I would be remiss to not personally thank those of you - and you know who you are - who patronize this store, day after day, week after week.  Even when I don't have exactly what you wanted (or even close to what you wanted!), you forgive and return, somehow understanding that we cannot possibly carry everything you want, but we try incredibly hard to please everyone.  You are the folks who understand what it takes to keep this place open, and we thank you.

We aren't giving up - and we will not sell the store to just anyone - and we continue to have tons of plans for this winter.  But consider this heart-to-heart a bit of fair warning about the state of MGS.

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