Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring... where are you?

I know spring is around the corner.  Can feel it.  Want to know how?

Because winter blues have reached critical levels.  Between illnesses and losses, perceived grievances and petty arguments, we simply can't take anymore "winter" without imploding.  You know I'm right.

So in the spirit of welcoming spring, with her warmer temperatures and lazy, almost-ice cream afternoons, I thought I'd share a bit about what we're planning.  (And of course you can still stop by and complain that it is still winter outside- I am still whining about it, too.)

Easter is next weekend.  Although I haven't gotten a ton of interest in Easter egg hunting, I personally think it is about the most fun thing possible this time of year, so we'll be hiding eggs around the village.  It is my expectation that there aren't too many of you that an resist a search for colorful plastic eggs with CANDY inside. 

Sometime in April and May, we will be organizing two different events.  Gary Kleppel, a professor at UAlbany and a Knox sheep farmer will be doing a talk on intensive grazing, which will hopefully lead to a discussion of land use on the hill, especially in the town of Rensselaerville.  (We'd also like to convince a few other knowledgeable locals to join Gary and make it a panel presentation.)  His research, incidentally, focuses on the same sort of ideas that are the subject of this talk:

We're also going to be showing two short TED films about the alternatives to conventional education - really cool, thought-provoking pieces that we're hoping to use as a springboard into a spring and summer filled with MAKE magazine inspired, tech-craft workshops.  (Among the ideas that have made the short list are squishy circuits and giant spin art.)  Yes, these are scary times in modern schooling.  Let's create something different...

We will, of course, be hosting Music on the porch, every Saturday, all summer long.  It's free, folks.  And sometimes it's really good.  And even when it isn't, we have a fantastic time.  I have a long list of musician volunteers - if you somehow missed the call, drop me a line.  I still have a few spots open.

And... MedusaFest is coming up in May - and there's a town-wide picnic at the town building on June 2nd! 

So, really, I know it's winter.  It's been cold and miserable, and I don't have a baby that sleeps through the night.  You don't always like my politics (for which I will never apologize) and we (you included) occasionally step on toes.  It's still the year of the snake.  And there is, without a doubt, greatness lurking.  You wouldn't want to miss this, would you?

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