Sunday, August 11, 2013

These August days...

...are the scariest.  Because it's now when things start to slow down.  Folks take holidays away, start redirecting energies towards school starting again.  Even though it's still summer, those first yellowish leaves of the locust trees start to hint at a change in the weather.

When it's cold, it's easy to understand the long, slow season.  But August days always begin with warm weather and promise.

Complicating this seasonal slowdown, lots of you tell me that times are getting tougher, and we feel it, too.  So I thought I would remind everyone that we are trying to do our best on several fronts.

First - we get these great deals through lots of our vendors, especially United Natural, but from others, too.  I want to pass them on to all of you.  While we have grand plans about how to make that happen (the circulars were great but too expensive, in store fliers are time consuming, and a front sales board is still in the works), the best thing you can do is to ask.  Bother me!  Constantly.  If you need something, I will do my best to find it, and at the best possible price.  Often we can do 20% of cost for case orders, which usually works out to a few dollars, a worthwhile investment into really good quality food at a price that is competitive with a lot of our much bigger peers. (And without having to drive to Albany.)

Second, yes, we are still trying to find a buyer for the store.  Some folks seem hurt by this news.  Truth is, the store has been on the market for a year now, with Coldwell Banker.  We recently decided to get the sign up.  Our plan was always to get the store open and running successfully - and that has been accomplished.  We'd like to pass the torch.  Barring finding someone who would work out as a buyer, we are willing to be creative, which may involve leasing the store, or closing for a portion of the year.  Fact is, our family is stretched pretty thin when one of us (usually Jason) is working seven days a week, usually 12 hour days.  Don't be hurt, or angry.  Sometimes it feels like I gave my husband to Medusa; and these days, I (and our kids) need him back more often.

Lastly, you've probably noticed that I've been taking a break from Facebook and blogging.  I'm back, hopefully with babies that are sleeping a little more at night.  Hoping to pass on lots of great stuff, here and through Facebook as well as through our email blasts.  Feedback always gets you better information, and I love hearing from you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon...April

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