Friday, August 20, 2010

Essential oils, herbs and seaweed!

And so much more!  I skipped a blog last week - so a belated thank you for an amazing last weekend - the Medusa Yard Sale Day was history making!

We've got amazing things planned for this weekend - Boar's Head is restocking us today (they've lived up to their promise of every week deliveries!), and just in time for several new warm sandwiches and wraps to be unveiled, including a BLT with a special Wild Thymes mayonnaise, and a grilled pressed ham and cheese.  We are rapidly working on getting an acceptable oven in here as well - I have been handing out samples of my pumpernickel bread this week, which I'd like to perfect for a Medusa Rueben.  Drop in - I think I'll have some other bread samples this weekend!

UNFI and the amazing Chris from Albert's Organics have sent us some incredible stuff this week!  In, by popular demand, is a wide selection of essential oils.  I have the foggiest idea where I am going to put them, since space has become so limited (but plans in the works there, too - maybe in the next blog!).  I chose Aura Cacia, mostly because they had a great selection, and the prices were reasonable - you'll have to try them and inform me of the quality.  I also picked up a few nasal posts and salts, just in case any of you have been struggling with lingering colds like we have - also at a really good price.

I have Kinnikinnick gluten free hot dog and hamburger buns in this week, plus more of the gluten free Udi's breads that you all have been raving about.  We've been using the Udi's bread on the deli, too - so if you are gluten-free, just ask us to make you a sandwich on the Udi's.  I have Sonoma wraps in as well - which are an incredible brand - been using them on the deli and have them as part of our new warm melt wraps.  A lovely guy was in last night and declared they were his all-time favorite wrap - imagine finding them in Medusa, of all places!!  I'm still searching for a delicious gluten-free one, though - if you've got one in mind, let me know!

We have coconut water back in, as well as Annie Chun's seaweed snacks!  Oh, and we have an order in for more Freebird chicken - breasts and drumsticks.  Carol Clemens from Heather Ridge has also offered her chicken, which I'd like to start this fall.  We also have fresh iceberg lettuce, avocados and lovely valencia oranges in today - and don't forget the huge selection of fresh produce already here - from tomatoes (lots of tomatoes) to fresh herbs from Full Moon Farm in Medusa.  Of course there are more dumplings in this weekend from MacroVegetarian and fresh artisan tofu in from Vermont.

What else?  Oh, and come an taste a new cool beverage - Thai Coffee, from Taste Nirvana.  And I want some feedback on fish - I'd like to offer some salmon, which I can get from Albert's - it'll come frozen, and I think I'll keep it that way, and it won't be cheap, though I think I'll ask them to keep us alerted of sales.  I think I'd need to take pre-orders, so drop in an let me know if you're interested.

Lastly - soups!!  I can't wait to start soups - we can get soups from a huge variety of places - I can get Kettle Cuisine or Moosewood, and Jason has another supplies with a huge selection.  We think we'll do some taste testing, to see which works for everyone.  The variety is mind-boggling, though - so drop in and let us know your favorites!

Oh, and one more thing - we do computer repair!  Upgrades, new set-ups and repairs - and Jason specializes in transforming old machines by giving them a new Linus face!  More details to come!


  1. Fantastic, April. You're a star. I'm going
    to come in and get some of that Udi's GF bread :-). xxx

  2. And you're sweet :) The bread is awesome, do come try it. Oh and, one update, the Boars Head guy was in, trying to sell me... ...soups! That makes 3 vendors and at least 5 brands!

  3. Sonoma makes a gluten free wrap, April.

    Give it a try at the above website.

  4. Look April!!


  5. Thank you for using Udi's Gluten Free Foods at your deli!

    We just added you to our "Favorite Pages"