Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good morning, Medusa!!

Supposed to be a gorgeous August weekend!!  Whether you're planning for a lovely, lazy weekend in the hammock, or have 100 relatives over for a visit, we've got the goods!

First, because it's early August, we've got a ton of produce - especially tomatoes!  (Yes, I'm begging - come buy tomatoes!)  I am hoping to have local apples in soon - we had local peaches, but they sold out really fast.  I'm going to try to pick some strawberries tomorrow, too.  Maybe some blueberries, too.

Our UNFI delivery was in yesterday - lots of iced Tazo teas back in stock, as well as the Macro Vegetarian dishes, even the sorely missed Shanghai dumplings!   Tofu, and - new this week - tempeh.  I tried it last night - it's a teriyaki flavored one - tossed with some grilled eggplant a steamed chard.  Quite tasty!  I've got some new Newman's cookies this week - chocolate chocolate sandwich cookies, and a few others.  Oh, and rice vinegar - how could we have survived for 3 months without rice vinegar?!  The one think I'm still having a hard time getting are capers - they are either wildly expensive or come in enormous cases.

Lots of Julie's ice cream back in stock, too - pints are $4.49, which makes it cheaper than Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Daaz, and - in my opinion - tastier.  Oh, and those really amazing chocolate chocolate bars are back in, too.  Speaking of which, I have two varieties of Larabars in, too.  They look delicious!  No Cliff Bar display yet...still.  (Hint, hint, UNFI!)  Kettle chips are all restocked...

(Speaking of which, I have been politely stalking several Frito-Lay drivers, both of whom claim to want to deliver here.  Neither have made it to Medusa yet, but they don't know how persistent I am, either.)
Back to school soon, unless you're unschoolers like us.  We'd like to help, though - I have a flyer in the works - there are lots of case order deals through UNFI, for brands such as Ians, Cascadian Farms, Back to Nature and Envirokids.  I can get you really great prices, so if you are looking for good stuff for lunch boxes, at competitive prices, stop and see me before you schlep up to BJ's.

Boar's head was here on Thursday, and will now be coming weekly.  Quite a relief, considering we've been out of most of our cold cuts for almost a week!  It did give us the opportunity to try local Morning Fog Farm roast beef on the deli, which was fabulous.  And, for all of you Facebook followers, we've gotten a ton of valuable feedback about which new sandwiches to add - we'll have to have some sort of special unveiling ceremony next week!  Oh, and the survey's done!!  

Charlene Hull made us pies yesterday!  Woohoo - apple and blueberry.  Blueberry because it's seasonal - apple because it's almost seasonal and because it comes home with me if you don't eat it!

If you've been in since yesterday, you've noticed the lovely gladiolas by our front door, provided by Roswell Eldridge, in Rensselaerville.  $1.00 a piece and he says they'll last for weeks!

Last, but nearly most important, we have a lovely young woman - Diedre - who is helping Jason for a few hours in the morning, so there'll be less of a wait for breakfast sandwiches.  Make sure you drop in and say hi - and be patient with her while she learns our computer system!

All for now - go enjoy this late afternoon of summer - leaves will be changing before you know it!

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