Saturday, July 31, 2010

The weekend's here!

July's a crazy time of year, eh?  Between unpredictable heat and the the head-spinning amount of things to do around here, we upstate hilltowners can just wallow in the abundance of summer!

To support your many goings-on, we've been doing battle with vendors, and passionately trying to keep the Store fully stocked (read: stuffed!).  UNFI amd Albert's arrived yesterday, as did a *NEW* Friehofer guy.  Gillette Creamery has been in with all of our ice creams, and with the sole exception of Tropicana orange juice in half gallons (so sorry, Angela!), Byrne dairy is fully stocked.  Oh, and Meadowbrook milk is fresh in the cooler, too - including the Betty's chocolate!

We've gotten some new things in, as well as a few items that were here and dropped off my list, so I added them back in.  Hunan dumplings are in - and I also have some of Karen Sister's Thai chicken this week as well.  Albert's sent a new MacroVegatarian dish, too - I think it's Soba noodles.  Someone needs to try it and let me know...

I have new gluten-free bread in - this one's called Udi's - and we have a white and whole wheat gluten free variety.  Udi's also sent me a gluten free granola for those of you who've been requesting that.  Rustic Crust was running low, so I reordered the favorites and added a few new varieties, and also now have both shredded mozz in the dairy cooler and a Rustic Crust pizza sauce, for everyone who was horrified that I sold pizza crusts without the pizza sauce.  (I thought you could just use any old sauce!)

We also have a about a billion yogurts at the moment - Stonyfield Farms as well as Brown Cow, in various flavors.  Oh, and some goat cheese, for those of you who requested that, and a nice array of many other cheeses, too.

On the deli, we have had good news and bad news.  First, despite the fact that I haven't finished the final version of my survey and got it out (*what* is my problem!), a whole lovely bunch of you have returned to tell us about our subs and sandwiches - and all of it has been great reviews.  (On the other hand, I have to assume that everyone who hated their subs will not come back, so my sample is a bit biased...)  The bad news is that all of my promoting of the Jason's Roast Beef meant we sold out of roast beef by Thursday, and it won't be back in till next week.  I have a multi-fold solution, though - we just got in Heartland Farms organic bacon, and are planning to offer BLT's this weekend.  Yay!  And, Morning Fog Farm has a number of small roast beefs, and I'm going to have them baked for us, so by Sunday, we'll (fingers crossed!) have roast beef back in stock!

What else?  I am running low on spices, but they are ordered and will be in next week.  I am picking up more hotdogs, hamburgers and bacon, and maybe even a few strawberries, from Morning Fog this morn.  We have a few new chip varieties - including a tasty new one from Dirty Chips - and don't forget about the Tazo iced teas we have in the cooler.  Oh, and no one's been trying the cowboy cookies in the freezer - seriously, they are like eating fresh cookie dough, just slightly baked.  Incredibly delicious!

Keep an eye out for our postcards - you should have gotten them in your mail this week if you are in R'ville, Medusa or Preston Hollow.  We are sending them out to Oak Hill and Cornwallville next week, I think.  And - I almost forgot! - free coffee from 6:30am - 8am, all next week!!

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  1. Yay for everything except boo for the lack of OJ :(