Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grilling, lawn signs, Tweeting and the Tribe in Oak Hill!

What a week!  Was it the lawn signs??  Or has July BBQ weather just kicked in?  In any case, what a ride!

We've got some new things from UNFI last week, and more coming this week.  Tons of new meats from Morning Fog Farm, in Berne.  And - so exciting - we are planning to introduce at least one new deli sandwich, and (maybe!) one or two grilled sandwiches, and have our deli survey out for folks to fill out.

We've got fresh Vermont tofu, prepared Falafel, and Macrovegatarian's Hunan and Shangaia dumplings, plus a new Vegan dumpling and Pad Thai.  We've got more of Annie Chun's seaweed snacks - sesame and the wasabi (which I have had so much fun offering as samples this week!).

We've got amazing chocolate ice cream bars from Julie's in - dark chocolate shells with creamy milk chocolate on the inside, as well as fruit bars.  And, new this week, we've got two varieties of Soy Boy Ravioli and two varieties of tortellini, which I am dying to taste.  Or, better, someone! Come in and try a batch and let me know - I'd like to carry a tortellini salad on the deli.

Some of you might have heard that our neighbors in Oak Hill, members of the Twelve Tribes community, have decided to sell their land and leave to other communities.  Many of us have been saddened to hear this, as they have been wonderful neighbors, as well as providing valuable service - our porch on the Store, as well as several porches on our home, were carefully reconstructed or refurbished by their builders.  As it turns out, there is a good chance that the growers might be staying - we had the opportunity to talk with James, their grower, on Friday, and - good news! - apparently some of the community will be remaining in Oak Hill.  It sounded like they might even keep the restaurant open!  And - good news for the Store - he'll be selling us lots of fresh veggies, including mixed boxes of cherry and grape tomatoes, which sold out almost immediately.

Morning Fog's meats have been hard to keep on the shelf lately!  Glad you all have discovered them - see what I mean about the hotdogs??  I've got both pork and beef hotdogs, ground beef in tubes and in patties, bacon, pork chops, sausage, rib steaks and some larger sirloins.  You can get an even better price if you head up to see Susan in person - give her a call - 872-1772 or show up at her farm on the Switzkill on a Saturday.  For you vegetarians, I am going up this morning to pick more strawberries - gotta love those everbearing varieties!

On the deli - first, so sorry about the beginning of the week - we never expect silly advertising like lawn signs to have such an effect on business!  Boar's Head was back in, though, and completely resupplied us and have decided that we are worthy of a weekly visit, so hopefully, we'll be keeping everything stocked up...well, forever, now.  We're going to stay tight lipped about the new deli sandwich till it's finalized, but if you think BLT's or Grilled Portabellas sound dreamy, stop in and let us know.  I also have made some corrections (thanks to my amazing researcher friend, Lara) to the questionnaire and will have it ready by Monday for your deli feedback.

I'm always taking requests and there have been some calls for essential oils. Frankly, this isn't really my area, so if anyone has any suggestions - local would be fantastic, but if you have some brand suggestions, send them on.  We're still planning for some toy lines, have several lined up, in time for school starting.  Speaking of which, we have a BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES box accepting donations - at the front of the Store- if you are out buying, pick up a few extras.

We're also getting ready to sell our home in Berne, and are needing a temporary rental.  Exciting, though a bit overwhelming.  We are a family of five, but frankly don't need a lot of room - so if you come across something, let us know.

Lastly - someone come in and help me figure out Twitter!  We're MedusaGeneralSt there - but I haven't the faintest clue how I get all of you to follow us over there!

(PS: Angela - get your lovely self back to Medusa - we'll feed you - eating lots always makes a girl sleepy!)


  1. Home soon, I promise. Any day now. Love reading these from the road.