Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a weekend!

Wow - what a holiday!  So great to see so many of you!

Just a few reminders...  I am placing a UNFI order this week - let me know by Wednesday if you have any case orders.  Would probably be willing to split some organic soda cases...

We also have a few new sandwiches coming up - the Medusa Cobb has taken on a life of it's own!  Soon, we'd like to offer organic chicken and tuna salads, either tossed onto a salad (Angela-style!) or on a hard roll.  Signature sandwiches seem to work better than relying on me to come up with a sandwich of the week, so I think that's the path we're going to take.

We have fresh Beans, Beans, Bean Salad this morning, and we're making fresh pasta and potato salads later today.

We have pie - strawberry rhubarb and apple - and we're offering them with a scoop or two of Julie's organic ice cream.  Tasty!  If we move these quick enough, we're considering raspberry and blueberry for the upcoming weekend.

We (read: April) is anxious to move onto to a few other plans we've been cooking up.  By this fall, we are hoping to offer a few lines of quality toys, at affordable prices.  We have several brands in mind - the front of the store needs some alterations first.  But stay tuned - this promises to be exciting!

Along the same lines - several of us have an irrepressible interest in the community arts.  As soon as we have accrued enough capital, we are planning a renovation of the building behind the Store, to offer both open space for the community, as well as workshops.  The idea is pretty vague right now, and such a space will share quarters with several other projects planned back there.  But I thought I'd give fellow travelers a nudge - if you are also passionate about community, and about learning, drop in - I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. April. I want to help. I can run a photo workshop at my darkroom. Even a master class. The barn in the back of your property would be a fantastic theatre or workshop area. I can conscript my friend Jessie to teach an abstract painting class. Let's tawk. I'll be back end of the month. Going to ISTANBUL!!!


  2. Have an amazing trip!! Those are fabulous ideas - let's definitely talk when you get back! We miss you!