Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wednesday orders - Friday delivery!

Ordering deadlines are arriving soon, so drop in and see me!  I have the UNFI books on one of our front tables to browse through, plus I'd be happy to help decipher them.  I'm usually in between 11/12 and 7 pm.

Just a taste of the new stuff arriving on Friday - we'll have tofu and hummus and falafel, so if you've been bemoaning the lack of local availability of these vegetarian specialties, drop by this weekend.  We're also hoping to have in a variety of new seasonal products, from bug sprays to water bottles to all natural marshmallows.  For you snackers, there are new chip varieties coming in, from Dirty Chips as well as the Kettle brand.  I also found some really reasonably priced olive oil by Colavita.  And to fill a gap in our whole foods summer line - we'll have Woodstock Farms pickles!

I have been terrifying my produce vendors lately - and they have responding by filling our coolers almost daily - Bob Kropp's got beans, lettuces, potatoes and beets.  One of our postmasters - Laurie Brown - has also been supplying us with eggs and lettuces.  We are out of tomatoes, but they'll be in again on Friday.  There have been a lot of requests for strawberries - so if there are any growers out there, drop in!

There's a new Wild Thymes delivery coming in this week, too - just in time for summer, they are offering a new line of barbecue sauces!

I am planning to have Morning Fog meats in our freezer by Friday as well.  These are literally the only hotdogs my family eats - home raised on local grasses and grains, locally processed and incredibly delicious.  They also have a wide selection of premium cuts as well.

I'd like to order some pies this week, too - so send in your requests - Charlene needs a few days lead time!

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