Monday, June 14, 2010

Sandwich update

We're easing our way into more complicated sandwiches!

We're starting some hot breakfast options with two breakfast sandwiches - the traditional egg and cheese on a hard roll with bacon - and a second that April's unofficially calling "the Medusa".  Its two eggs with cheese, and optional bacon, on a hard roll with a slight smear of Wild Thymes Thai Garlic dipping sauce.  Delicious folks, just enough of a zap to get you moving without making you run for a drink.

We're also getting a fax sheet together, with a progression calendar.  We'll take delivery orders for subs and hard roll sandwiches for lunch - order by 11, we'll deliver to surrounding regions as we get requests.  For now it is just the regular full or half sub or hard roll sandwich, but we're hoping to offer tossed salads (with all organic ingredients) and other prepared foods, as well as hot subs, in the coming months.  And don't forget the amazing Hunan and Shanghai dumplings (which my family has been living on!) and the spinach noodles, which is like a tastier and slightly spicier version of traditional sesame noodles.  Each are $4.80 each, and there's enough to share.

I wish I had some way of creating an anonymous sign up sheet online, but in the meantime, feel free to email me ( your fax number, or just call the store at 518 239 6980.

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