Monday, June 7, 2010

What's new and what's coming!

We are getting better at this, folks!  No problems with the staples, as of this morning - we have milk (both Byrne and Meadowbrook), bread (some, Freihofer will be in early this week) and lots of eggs (thanks to both Laurie, one of our amazing Medusa postmasters, and to Steve Kinney at White Knuckle Farm).

Thanks to Gillette, we also have lots of ice cream, though it looks like the weather will be a bit cooler this week!  Just a reminder - even though the freezer is still a disaster (new 3 door freezer arriving next week, hopefully!) - we have new organic freeze pops and lots of all-natural ice cream.

We had a fresh supple of produce on Friday as well, with table carrots and cucumbers, and a new batch of avocados.  And lots of local lettuce from Kropp's Cropps and White Knuckle Farm, rhubarb from Sheepy Valley Farm, strawberries from Morning Fog Farm (by Wednesday), and baby garlic from Dr. Eldridge, in Rensselaerville.  We also have fair trade bananas, Valenci oranges, organic tomatoes (that actually taste like tomatoes!), onions, potatoes and garlic.

On the grocery, we have too many new products to mention, but a few worth noting specifically include Lundberg's rice chips - we have honey dijon and cheese varieties and they are gluten free and taste amazing - and we have a huge batch of natural charcoal briquettes, so for those of you planning to BBQ at Lake Myosotis (which opens on Saturday!!), drop in for a bag.

Lastly, the deli is fully stocked, and waiting for your sandwich orders!  We are planning (still!) some specialty sandwiches and, soon, a few salads as well.  We are also planning to have some samples from Wild Thymes and new cheeses available Thursday - Saturday this week.

Drop in - and spread the word!!

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