Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is it Saturday again?

...which means we got a lot of new UNFI stuff in yesterday!  The Hunan dumpling revolution continues, plus by popular demand, we've also got some Shanghai dumplings, as well as the Artichoke Spinach noodle.  Just in time, considering it's going to hit near 90 again today.  Don't cook - eat here!

I also have more coconut water, the regular and a new variety.  And more seaweed snacks - seriously, we sold out of the seaweed snacks last week!  If you haven't tasted them, drop in today and remind Jason - he has a package he was going to put out for tasting today.

Because that's the kind of week it's been, I also now have Hyland's ear drops, for kids and for adults - we've all been in the Lake a bit too much, I think.  We're stocked back up on all of our chips, and now have popping corn.  (Someone came in for some and he and I were both totally horrified that I didn't have any...!)  We also resupplied all the natural colas...yum!

For all of you carnivores out there, we have meat.  Lots and lots of meat.  Nice grilling rib steaks, as well as pork and beef hotdogs and hamburgers, from Morning Fog Farm in Berne.  Plenty of Freebird chicken, breasts and boneless thighs.  (Chris, from Albert's Organics, even insists he's got ground lamb for lambburgers - it didn't really appeal to me, frankly, but if you find the idea thrilling, give me a ring, and I'll order you some for next week.)

We now have 4 specialty sandwiches - the Medusa Cobb, Jason's Roast Beef, the Mandy and the Medusa Mozz.  (Will have to figure out how to upload our whole menu somewhere here!)  And, coming this week, we'll have an American Club, with Boar's Head's all-natural, preservative free turkey and ham.  We're thinking of switching the pasta salad to the Wild Thymes Parmesean Walnut vinegrette instead, too - you come in and taste.

And, hey, our look continues to evolve - Susan Caumont, from Cocoa Beach Gallery - - has hung paintings for us.  They are all reasonably priced and look fantastic!  (I'll post some pics soon!) It has made our wifi cove look so much more charming!

Soon, we'll be on Twitter (OMG!), and my kids and I have plastered most of Oak Hill, Greenville, Rensselaerville and Berne with lawn signs!  It has been an achingly slow week, but we have high hopes for the weekend and the coming week!


  1. Hah! We're now on Twitter. I love technology. Pics from Angela in Turkey and now the Store is on Twitter!


    Find us! (Because though it looks cool, I haven't figured out how to find *you* on Twitter yet!)

  2. I'm so proud of your Twittering skills. I cant quite figure it all out but am happy to visit your blog every day from the Asian side of Turkey and the Syrian border --it makes me a little less homesick. Brava April!!!