Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labor Day!!

Last blissful days of summer are upon us, folks - although that also means, for my family, that we celebrated Perin's second birthday today!  (For those of you that aren't familiar with our little ones by name, he's the smallest, though only in stature, blond haired boy child of ours, recently of Facebook fame for mooning Angela's guests!)  It should be a lovely weekend, with temps dipping back down, and lots of reasons to come stroll through Medusa!

We have all of the new sandwiches under control - sweet Will claims that our Philly Cheese Steak is the best he's had!  Wow - we're still beaming!  And the lovely newest artist in residence at the Huyck Preserve has been down several times, too, to enjoy the Medusa Cobb!  What a week!  Boar's Head is arriving tomorrow, just in time for lots of fresh stuff for a long, leisurely Labor Day weekend!  They've been bringing us Tortellini salad, which is really good, and some new potato salad, too.  (I hated the last one - really sweet - potato salad shouldn't be sweet, right?  Maybe it's me...)

United Natural Foods and Albert's Organics arrive tomorrow, too!  I've restocked all of our spices, for all of my picklers and grillers - and I'd love to offer Newman's steak sauce, if UNFI ever has it in their warehouse!  I am bringing in Primal Strips - a slightly healthier version of those beef jerky products so many of you love.  Also - !! - we're finally getting our Cliff Bar display, *and* some amazing Raw Revolution bars, and   Dancing Deer brownies!  (If you've never come across Dancing Deer - they are this amazing company out of Boston, making all sorts of great cakes, cookies and brownies, with great, fresh ingredients!  I'll have to check and see if they are doing any gluten free products.)

I brought in more Tazo iced teas, since those seem to be popular, and restocked us with both the Lakewood fruit garden fruit juice and the Blue Sky sodas - everything is marked down, so you'll be getting a great price.  I am aching to try a new coffee/tea cold beverage with herbal boosters in it - good-for-you coffee and tasty - hopefully we can get that in for next week!  Oh, and the Thai coffee is in - and Tiffany declared that it's like a coffee version of Yoohoo - and I have to agree.  Come in and decide whether we're nuts :)

We've got fresh cider in from Indian Ladder, as well as their fresh plums, and we are using their apples on the deli.  I'm planning another trip down next week for apples - and would be willing to pick up extras for folks who can't or don't want to make the drive.  Just drop in and let me know what you're looking for...

We're trying to get more options on the loose tobacco - I know it is costing everyone a ton of money to smoke these days.  And we're trying to get more ice cream options, too - there have been a bunch of people who've suggested either Hershey's or Perry's in the 1/2 gallons, so we're working on that, too.

We are so close to getting the New York Times I could scream.  Will keep you posted.

Phew.  I think that's it.  Can't WAIT to see you all this weekend!


  1. He didn't moon my guests, he mooned me AND my guests. Go Perrin!

  2. ;) I stand corrected. He's been cannonballing nude off the porch lately, too. Ahhh... what next?