Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet summer, blissful autumn...

So we have crashed into fall.  From 90's and sunny to days of clouds and chilly drizzle!  But who doesn't love soups and hot chocolate?  And we're the place!

We had a lovely UNFI order in yesterday - Susan, from Morning Fog Farm has been gently pointing out that we don't have a very good selection of canned soups - so I got a selection of Wolfgang Puck soups in (no, I've never heard of them either!) - from New England clam chowder to some hearty lentils.  All on sale!  We also got a ton on freezer stuff in, despite the fact that we had no room before, so you're really gonna have to dig now.  But so worth it!  We've got three varieties of Ben and Jerry's, some So Delicious dairy free desert tubs in vanilla, and more Julies's ice cream.  Oh, and some of you have tasted those amazing brownies we had in from Boston's Dancing Deer - well, I got more and picked up some of their chocolate chip cookies, too!  I love getting people hooked on good stuff!  Plus some more of the gluten free Udi's breads, and, because it breaks my heart that so many of you can't even try the Dancing Deer, I got the Udi's chocolate muffins, too.  They look amazing!

Janet was looking for some bread worth eating, but tasty enough for her son's PB&J, so I found a lovely round artisan loaf from French Meadow Bakery.  Hoping it tastes as good as it looks!

For fresh, we have bananas back!  Plus lovely tomoatoes - lots of local ones from Kropp's Crops, as well as Deeproot from Vermont.  We have tons of romaine hearts, as well as baby carrots, green peppers and portabella mushrooms.  I did forget to reorder our avocado this week though - sorry - so no guacamole till next week.  Lots of fresh tofu, too - and, for Katherine in Westerlo and all of you other members of the Hunan dumpling revolution - both types of Macrovegatarian dumplings.

We did get the 1/2 gallon milk in glass from Byrne dairy, too - I need some feedback.  We don't think the chocolate is as good, but on the other hand, I did make some tasty cottage cheese from their whole and 1 percent.  I'll continue to get the gallons in for sweet Jen M. and her family, and requests for anyone else who asks.

And we'll have the New York Times, starting tomorrow!  Took four months, but Jason did it!  We do need some idea of how many folks want, though.  I love the Times, but I don't want to end up with a whole bunch of them in the evening, yk?

Soups will start beginning of October - after some careful considered debate with our postmaster (after all, Janice will have to smell soup all day long!), we have a lovely list of requests.  Now to get bread!  We might (!) be able to get Bread Alone bread, and I am still getting my home kitchen Ag and Market certified as well, so we have a back up plan.  (At least one of you ( David!) seems to think I should still bake!)

We lost our deli staff this week, though thankfully it's been quiet for the last few days.  We loved having Tiffany here and are sorry she decided not to stay through the fall.  But we have a big mailer going out to schools and businesses about our catering and lunch delivery, so we're going to need help.  We can't offer benefits, other than the sheer wonderfulness of being in Medusa, and the pay isn't going to make you millions, but it is fun and satisfying!  If you know anyone, send them over!

Oh, and don't forget - we are selling amazing cookbooks to support the Medusa Firehouse, and the amazing Kathy Wank (see also her Hilltown Professional Organizing on Facebook!) dropped off a food donation box for the Hilltown Resources Center.

And computer repair, computer repair, computer repair!  Upgrades, virus removal and Jason specializes in refurbishing old systems with a Linux makeover!  Spread the word - I don't have any posters or cards yet, but we are in business!

Love to you all - and see you soon!


  1. ;) Even though the amount of time I used the word "lovely" will probably nauseate some? Thinking maybe I should proofread a few more times before hitting PUBLISH. But thank you, sweet, it's always good to hear from you!