Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally sunshine!

We survived to see the sun again - and just in time for the weekend - it's looking just marvelous, right through Labor Day.

There are a few events to remind you about - as well as some news about the case order program.  There are some fresh things in from Albert's, and some new stuff in from UNFI, and a few words about our sandwiches and soups.

First, because this so excites me - we have Saturdays at the Store starting tomorrow!!  We'll be tossing out huge lumps of handmade squishy playdough and...well, playing with it!  Should be a blast - all ages and play-doughing abilities are embraced!  We're having a beading funship, a paper mache bowl making funshop, and then dress-up and candy eating on the final Saturday in October.  Then we are planning to move inside and start Monday evening panel presentations.  We are tentatively planning for discussions around health and healing, and sustainable living, and covering topics such as the differences in quality and cost of conventionally processed and organic foods, how to take responsiblity for your own health, and supporting local economies by buying whole and buying local.   And - don't forget! - Sunday is 10-10-10 - Global Work Party Day.  Folks all over the planet will be working on projects aimed at bringing out carbon dioxcide levels back down to 350.  See for more information.  We are planning to leave out a document describing Transition Towns - communities working to change lives and lifestyles for better, more planet-friendly living.  Might be a good time to chat about creating a local currency, which I've thought was a fabulous idea for many years now.

Takes a village to save a planet, you know.  (Yeah, it also takes bringing down some huge multi-nationals, but I thought I'd start with Medusa.)

That said, just a few words on Store items for the week.  We just heard from Vermont Tofu (find them on Facebook, too!) who have been shipping us artisan tofu, through Albert's Organics.  They are a very mission-based firm, committed to local and organic soy production and value added processing to support their local community and to achieve a really top quality product.  I spoke with Alex today - they are also interested in having us try their soy milk, which they say is better than Silk.  I need some feedback from my customers before I'm willing to try it, though - so stop in and chat with me.

We have a ton of Kettle chips back in - including a New York Cheddar in the lunch size.  We've also dipping our feet back into bulk for the winter - I am packing organic lentils (green and red varieties) as well as split peas into retail containers.  The price is fantastic, and the retail packs are compostable.  And if you soup-fiends want more than I am offering in the retail sizes, I'd be happy to weigh you out more.

Albert's sent us fresh chicken, though you'll need to grab it while it's available - $6.99 per lb for breast meat, and there are only 6 packs.  We also have more Giovanni Rana ravioli - delicious and it won't stick around long, so stop in soon.  Lots of gluten free ravioli available in the freezer, too, though for at least one more week you'll have to either dig around for it, or ask one of us to find it. 

We've got fresh portabellos in, too, as well as a new supply of falafel and Hunan Dumplings.  The one disappointment this week is that our soups are all back-ordered, so we won't be offering fresh soup on the deli till next Friday.  Ugh.  But still have minestrone for Saturday, and a lot of fresh Boar's Head salads, our specialty and deli sandwiches, as well as the new addition, the Medusa Mushroom.  David G. and company claim it needs something green and crunchy, though, so I'm still working on that.

And - yay! - we've got fresh apples and cider from Indian Ladder Farms in Voorheesville, maple syrup from Mountain Winds Farm in Berne, and fresh potatoes coming from White Knuckle in Rensselaerville.  I am so thrilled that we are blessed with so many amazing local farms as vendors!

I am preparing an email bulletin of the Otcober offerings through UNFI - if you don't want to wait for me, drop in and scan through the catalogs - we just got November in as well.

Love to all of you - looking forward to a wild Columbus Day weekend!


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