Saturday, October 16, 2010

No snow, but beautiful morning anyway!

Yes, I did say that.  We had a *winter storm watch* posted on Thursday evening, for of us over 2000ft.   By the time we were up Friday morning (to the sound of pelting rain), it had been rescinded.  So very cruel, for those of us who excitedly anticipate the first lovely snow of the season!

I have a few updates on products and some new stuff in from Albert's and UNFI, and some info on our computer services and upcoming events, but first: THANKS FOR A GREAT COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND!  We were busy!  I've changed out strategy a bit, after a terrifyingly slow September: when you all ask me how we're doing, you will get only blunt honesty!  Yes, we are (usually) paying the bills, but *please* don't forget us!  Drop in often, and let me know when there are products you need that we aren't carrying and I'll do my best to find them. 

Speaking of which, Albert's sent us some new vanilla soy milk, among other things.  We trying out the Vermont Soy milk, which is made by an amazing company in Vermont devoted to their farms, sustainable practice and healthy communities.  We usually carry their artisan tofu, and their sales rep called last week and we chatted a bit about land use reform and the importance of local agriculture.  Great people - so come and try out their soy milk - I'd love to keep using them.

Produce-wise, we've got fresh broccoli in this week, in adidtion to lovely romaine hearts and fresh Vermont tomatoes.  Got portabellos from Albert's, onions from White Knuckle, as well as three kinds of Steve's potatoes.  Fresh garlic from Dr. Eldridge, who is sure you're all going to flip over the bulblets we've got on sample on the front counter.  (Several of you already have!)  I've also still got a lot of fresh apples, as well as Indian Ladder's cider in half and full gallons.  And, of course, organic avocados.  Got a bunch of tempeh in the produce cooler that has to move, too, so if you're interested, I'll give you a great price.

Also in the produce cooler, but not produce, is a ton of nuts - walnuts, tamari roasted almonds and mixed nuts, as well as chocolate covered pretzels and raisons.  We do need mroe farm-fresh eggs, though - so if you are a local farm who wants to sell eggs, come and see me.  Or someone go poke Mike Duncan a little and make sure he gets down here with eggs for me!

UNFI brought in a ton of restocks this week, especially the Bob's products.  We have some new Davinci angel hair spaghetti in - Davinci has amazing prices and a great product.  Juice boxes by Honest Kids came in last week - the pouches not the box, for just $4.49 - so for anyone who's been asking, they're here!  We also finally have the Pacific Natural soups in, highly recommended by Hans, my official retail soup taster.  More Wolfgang Puck soups also arrived, and I restocked those surprisingly good Florida Natural's fruit sticks, which flew off the shelf last week.

More Familia muesli cereal, which seems pricey until you calculate the cost per ounce, and for these 2 pound boxes, you are getting a good savings off of conventional cereals - and they are way more nutritious.  

In the freezer, we have more of that amazing Giovanni Rana ravioli from Albert's, and I restocked us on a lot of the Julie's ice cream, including those chocolate chocolate ice cream bars.  So, if you're like me, and can eat ice cream all year round, I'm looking out for you!  There's a bit of a tangle with Gillette Creamery, who wants to sell us Perry's, for all of you who want the half gallons, and the Ben and Jerry's varieties, but they can't let us put them in the Nestle's freezer.  So, sigh, as soon as we get a new freezer from them, we'll be able to rearrange our ice cream order.

October events: BEADS today!  (Which is why I need to quickly finish this and get over there!)  And the sun just came out in Berne, so if my tablecloths don't blow away in this wind, we'll be making necklaces and bracelets all morning.  Maybe we'll get some bubbles going, too.  Next week is paper mache bowl making, and a dress up funshop the week after.

And we *might* have a local celebrity poet joining us Halloween weekend as well for some dark poetry.  And don't forget - Camp Medusa is having a Haunted Camp that weekend, too!

Novemeber promises a lot of events!  I'm trying to line up a series for the first three weeks of November around Sustainability and Local Agriculture.  And another poetry reading, too - so if you are a poet and would like to join us for an open mic (frankly, I don't have a mic, but we're a small store!), please let me know!

More to come - love you all!

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