Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Council meets...

First, nothing like a controversial blog post to spice up the weekend - thank you to everyone who gathered these last few days, with support and with feedback.  It's been a whirlwind of a weekend!

Last night was equally exceptional - the Medusa Council met, with vigor and tremendous plans.  I plan to publish, sometime in the next few days, a complete calendar of upcoming summer events.  But for now, a preview:

We're planning several cruise-ins over the next few months.  This Tuesday, the 28th, we're having a cruise-in - Dan Yolin and Bruce Barker will be playing on the porch for us, and the Medusa Firehouse has generously offered their parking lot and field.  Morning Fog Farm will be offering their home raised hotdogs and hamburgers - grass fed, local grain finished amazingness - for a sweet price.  We're planning another one for July 12th, and we're hoping that the GreyFox crowd might want to join us then for a bit of bluegrass - you know how we locals just love music.

We've got a gallery opening on the 2nd of July - this time Angela Cappetta is showing her photography, hopefully with a bit of music, too.  We were originally planning a barbecue that day, but the Council overwhelmingly decided that we'd rather hold a local foods event towards the end of August, in the hope that we can have more of our local vendors join us - in sort of an open air market that day - and to sponsor some local dishes for the public.

We have Community Walks to combat cancer in July and September as well, and the Medusa Firehouse is planning their Horseshoe Tournament on the first Saturday in August, and the village yard sales is on the second Saturday.

Lots coming up - lots of good reasons to visit Medusa.  With a little luck, we might get into Eco-Local this summer, too!

Love to all,

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