Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lazy days of summer?

Not yet.  And with this rain, perhaps not ever.  But that didn't stop us from having an amazing opening last Saturday, and cooking up a bunch of plans for the coming month.  Jessie Mann's work will be here all month - and Angela's documentary photography will be up for a July 2nd opening.

While I don't have any kid workshops in the works (yet!), we are going to start taking pre-orders for Independence Day chicken dinners soon.  So far, we're planning to sell halves of Heather Ridge Farm chickens, with several side dishes.  I think we'll give folks an option of several different Wild Thymes barbecue sauces - think about your favorite and I'll have a pre-order sign-up available, starting this weekend.

I'd like to introduce several more specialty sandwiches this early summer - one that has been short-listed is a grilled barbecue chicken with shaved celery and blue cheese dressing.  As soon as we get an oven here, it would be great on some lightly toasted artisan bread.  We're also adding another vegetarian sandwich - we've been experimenting with some sprouts.  It's screaming for the perfect Wild Thymes chutney...

In fresh news, our own local Kropp's Crops is back!  We got our first delivery of lovely red and green leaf lettuces on Tuesday, and another one is coming today, in preparation for a lovely June weekend.  They inform me that they've got more specialty lettuce mixes coming soon, as well as snow peas and sugar snap peas.  Albert's has a huge order coming in tomorrow as well - Braeburn apples, fair trade bananas (from Ecuador), organic blueberries and strawberries, carrots, green peppers, cauliflower and celery, watermelon and cantaloupe, tomatoes and more Olivia's salad greens.  Oh, and an amazing sprout mixes!

Lots of UNFI products in tomorrow as well.  Although it did just occur to me that I should have ordered more ground Cafe Altura, we are stocking back up on our teas, and there's some nice new selections from Traditional Medicinals coming in tomorrow.  And, back by popular demand, and I suspect a vigorous summer crowd, we're getting Brown Cow yogurts in 32oz as well as the snack size.  We are also trying out some Organicville low fat ice cream and bringing some of the Julie's back, too.  Oh, and ice cream cones and waffle cones and SPRINKLES, just in time for ice cream!

Speaking of snacks - we're getting the infamous chocolate covered pretzels and almost-as-good chocolate covered raisins are back in tomorrow.  AND our long-forgotten Tamari almonds are back tomorrow as well.  And, why not?, we ordered some walnuts, too.  Can never have too many nuts in Medusa, right?

Because my amazing sister-in-law and I have recently decided that we should start naming the years like the Chinese, and this year has become the Year of the Tick, I have a lot of All-Terrain herbal repellents and itch sprays coming in.  Sunblock, too, for kids and adults.  (We think last year was the year of the tick, too - and are thinking next year might be as well.  As it could be the year of the bear - and there's isn't a whole lot of repellent that works in that case - we think it could be worse.)

Mustn't end a post without a taste of the crazy that's coming up:

*  We think that a float in next year's Greenville Memorial Day parade is a must!  Brenda Hansson-Orr, one of our amazing Medusa villagers (and mom to our amazing Danny!) has offered to help us out with design and construction.  We are envisioning a giant head of Medusa, snakes and all.  Wouldn't that be incredible?

*  We want more kid funshops - I've had tons of people asking for more.  I'm working on it...

*  We'd like to do cruise-in's - we think the Tuesday after GNH, so the fourth Tuesday of every month.  I need some feedback, though - cars aren't really my thing.

*  Oh, and mark your calendars - our June Walk for Ovarian Cancer Research is on Saturday, June 11th.  We're starting at the diner in Rensselaerville again, but I think we've got a different route planned, so stay tuned.

*We are always, always, always looking for musicians, either for our gallery openings, or just for fun.  We have a lot of folks around on Fridays and Saturdays - and nearly all of them would love to hear live music.  So come hang out on the porch, put out a hat, and play for us!

Lots of love, friends... 

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