Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend's almost here!

I wasn't going to start this post by pointing out that it is raining again, but it is a bit incredible, isn't it?

In spite of the weather, we have tons of fresh, organic produce arriving tomorrow!  In addition to fresh lettuce and spinach, Swiss chard and sugar snaps from Kropp's Crops, Steve Kenney, from the infamous White Knuckle Farm, plans to bring us down some special stuff, too.  (It's a secret till he gets here, though.)  Albert's Organics is sending us fresh California avocado, as well as fair trade bananas from Ecuador.  We have cases of Driscoll's strawberries coming in, plus fabulously in-season Valencia oranges from California.  We have broccoli, celery, onions and green bell peppers coming in, too, as well as .... are you sitting down?...fresh peaches!  Yum. 

And though deeply saddened that the much beloved Pineland Farms cheese curds aren't in (do we love our food, or what?!), I was talked into trying Maplebrook Farms Cheddar Bites.  They complement our Gourmet Artisan blue, feta and gorgonzola cheese crumbles that are arriving tomorrow, too.  Oh, and by popular demand, we are getting the Tribe Origins hummus back in - spicy red pepper and classic.  It's like double churned hummus - delightfully smooth without the graininess of the usual hummus.  Sweet Josh, our rep at Albert's even hooked us up with some Bolthouse Berry Boost Smoothie to try out this week.  So if your grocery list includes fresh stuff, drop by Medusa!

We also have an abundance of United Natural products coming in tomorrow.  We're restocking many of our most popular Tazo teas, as well as reigniting the craving for chocolate covered pretzels in bulk.  By request, we will have a new case of frozen Annie Chun's Chicken PotStickers - and heads up - Annie Chun's has a bunch of stuff coming up on special in July. 

Lots of soy, rice and almond milk coming in - as well as (finally!) Parmalat for my amazing part-timers and campers.  Tons of Blue Sky beverages, by popular demand and in preparation for our Medusa Cruise-In on Tuesday at 6pm. 

Lots of Bob's products getting restocked - mostly flours, and even a few gluten free.  We're trying the amaranth this time, for example.  (By the way, if you are interested in baking a bit, especially during these chilly rainy days - I make a lot of breads for the store based loosely on Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois's recipes.) We've also got Gillian's french rolls back in, as well as Food For Life Millet bread.

Clearly, the Cascade yogurts were a total flop, even though they are cheaper than the Brown Cow, so we've got 32oz containers as well as strawberry and maple single serve.  I'd still love to convince someone to open a local dairy - especially if we could figure out a way to make our own yogurts and cheeses.

We're trying a new marshmallow, because we think the last ones weren't so hot - this time the Dandie brand will grace our aisles.  (And remember - we've got decadent chocolate, Midel graham crackers and marshmallows - smores to your heart's content!) 

We eat a lot of chips around here - so I've got more Kettle for tomorrow, as well as Michael Season's chips.  There was a special price on "hummus chips", so I ordered us a few kinds to try them out.  Mary's Gone Crackers (an amazing name for the most versatile snack cracker thing ever) sea salt sticks are back in, too.  We've also got a bunch more of the Natural Nectar (where are my gluten free folks?) cracklebred - this time we're trying tomato and oregano, in addition to the original. 

For those who've been asking - and you will go unnamed - YES!, we now have prune juice.  Next week, I'll try to get us caught back up on the rest of our juices.

Another request was Purely Decadent's non-dairy frozen dessert - we chose chocolate obsession.  Of course.

I ordered lots of Woodstock charcoal, at a pretty reasonable price, I think, so you all will be all set for grilling.  And also for grilling, we have Heather Ridge's amazing chicken, in the freezer waiting - both halves and wholes.  We also have a sweet deal on Morning Fog Farm hotdogs and kielbasa - $7.99 per for the hotdogs and $8.49 each for the kielbasa. 

Ignore the rain, it's going to be amazing by the weekend.  Really, the mist out there now is kinda cool - plenty warm and no bugs!

I have a hot sheet order going in on Monday - I'll post some specials here tomorrow!  
Much love,

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