Monday, July 18, 2011

WoooHOOO!! It's lookin' like a hot one!

Highs in the 90's all week!  Don't you just *love* summer??  (A reminder, too: we have Lake Myosotis beach passes for loan - nothing like spending the afternoon with friends near the water!)

Thanks to so many amazing vendors, local and otherwise, we are fully stocked up on nearly everything - from juicy pluots (an apricot/plum hybrid) and fresh lettuces, snap peas beans and squach from Bob Kropp to Boar's Head meats and cheeses.  New Function waters are in, as well as Humble hummus chips and more of that amazing Mt Vikos spreads.  Lots of meats, too, in case you are thinking of grilling!  Heather Ridge Farm chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs, kielbasa and sausages as well as amazing cuts, all here frm Morning Fog - and the full line of Wild Thymes sauces.

But really, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up - we've been hosting music on the porch - a new Saturday series sponsored by the Medusa Council.  This Saturday, we're honored to be hosting a great friend of the store and professional pianist.  Robert plans to bring lots of music and lots of lyrics and wants to see Medusa singing along.  It's going to be, to use a Jason-ism, PHENOmenal!

We're also having a Local Food Gathering Cruise-in Band afternoon which needs a more concise name.  Happening on Saturday, August 27th, we're interested in finding local vendors, especially processors and growers.  If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them give me or anyone on the Medusa Council a call (i.e. Pat Rice, Manny Abate, Janice Duncan, etc.).

Several other things afoot.  YOGA and Meditation at the Medusa Firehouse (as soon as we officially get permission), led by amazing Westerlo instructor and meditation leader Loretta Pyles.  We're tentatively thinking of Saturday mornings - will pass on more info about the rate and other details very soon!

And I want Bingo back.  I am totally serious.  And I don't think I'm alone.  And I think Alan Duncan is the perfect guy for the job.  I also have come across bingo equipment, used but in good shape, and I'm looking for a benefector who may want to purchase it.  Nothing brings community together than a little heathy gambling.

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