Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Calling all vendors!

As I've briefly mentioned, we're hosting an end of summer festival on the 27th of August.  Really, we just can't resist a party, while also trying to avoid getting in the way of the Firehouse, who's got events planned, and to not plan anything too close to the amazing Harvest Festival happening in Preston Hollow on October 1st.  Technically, we're raising money for the Medusa Council - so we can throw even more amazing parties, as well as host some more kids programs through the fall - but even more importantly, we're also trying to get the word out about the dizzying diversity of creative growing and production ventures up here on the Hill.

A few details: It is, first, a bit of a local food festival.  Here's the plan -

If you are a local gardener, grower, processor or producer, who would be willing to make a donation of a food product, we will feature it in a delicious recipe, highlighting your product.  Between our notable beef, pork, chicken, produce, and sauce vendors, we think we'll be able to put together a wide variety of amazing salads and barbecue, as well as some unbeatable desserts.  Moreover, we are printing out free Festival programs, which will include all of the recipes as well as a short piece about your farm.  Additional advertising is available to those who don't have donations for a proportional fee.

Although I understand that lots of folks have already agreed to participate in other area markets for the season, we are also hoping get some local vendors who'd like to showcase their wares on the day.  This especially applies to our local potters, weavers, soap makers, and other value-added product makers.  If you are interested, please give me a call at the store.

We are also hosting a cruise-in that day - since we've had such a fantastic time at previous ones.  We would like to get more cars, though - so if you are a classic car enthusiast, or just think you've got a bad-ass bike, please join us.  I'm sure there will be plenty of others around who'll agree with you.

Lastly, we are hosting a number of bands that day.  Rumor has it that Wayne Orr will be joining - a Medusa legend of rock who's been holding out for that special occasion.  Perfect cruise-in music, I'm told.  Robert, our piano man, will also be holding court, showcasing older tunes and lovin' it if you'll join in.  (He'll also be playing Saturday on the Porch on the 23rd, at 6pm.)  We're hoping to also get a few other local bands - Perry Moak and Tim Zinn and their band are considering it, as well as an amazing hillbilly band from over in Berne.  Lots of talent coming out of the Conkling Cafe's Open Mic night, I'm told - which is happening *this* Thursday - and they're thinking about collaborating, too!

Last thing: we'd love to encourage more volunteers - we love doing this but could really use the help.  Specifically, if you are a local resident who knows some farms that I don't know of and would be willing to include them in our network for the 27th, please do so.  If you'd like to help with food preparation, we'll all be working at the Firehouse for several evenings vefore the event.  And if, even if you're just curious, you'd like to join us for a Medusa Council meeting,. please don't hesitate: our next meeting is on 2nd of August.  If you are a farmer, please don't be shocked to see a tall, dark-haired women with a Queens accent and a wise-cracking smile coming your way: Manny may not be from here, but she's Medusa, through and through, and has many years of community development experience under her belt.  She'll charm you into coming over, I'm sure!

More soon!!  Love to all of you!

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