Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barbecue weekend!

Long hot lazy summer days are here, and it's looking a lot like it'll continue through the next 10 days or so! 

You just can never know what the weekend will bring, but so far we're planning a little informal karaoke on the porch.  The amazing Brooklyn trio will be serenading us - so bring sheet music and some instruments and we'll make a little music.  Robert, our piano man and our unofficial Medusa troubadour will return the following Saturday, this time with the rest of his band.
I'm planning to get more Heather Ridge chicken in on Friday, and we've got all of the Wild Thymes sauces shelved and ready for sale.  Salads in from Boar's Head or raw materials from Kropp's - it's shaping up to be a wild grilling weekend.  Summer doesn't last very long around here, folks!  Let's live deep!

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