Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wednesday orders - Friday delivery!

Ordering deadlines are arriving soon, so drop in and see me!  I have the UNFI books on one of our front tables to browse through, plus I'd be happy to help decipher them.  I'm usually in between 11/12 and 7 pm.

Just a taste of the new stuff arriving on Friday - we'll have tofu and hummus and falafel, so if you've been bemoaning the lack of local availability of these vegetarian specialties, drop by this weekend.  We're also hoping to have in a variety of new seasonal products, from bug sprays to water bottles to all natural marshmallows.  For you snackers, there are new chip varieties coming in, from Dirty Chips as well as the Kettle brand.  I also found some really reasonably priced olive oil by Colavita.  And to fill a gap in our whole foods summer line - we'll have Woodstock Farms pickles!

I have been terrifying my produce vendors lately - and they have responding by filling our coolers almost daily - Bob Kropp's got beans, lettuces, potatoes and beets.  One of our postmasters - Laurie Brown - has also been supplying us with eggs and lettuces.  We are out of tomatoes, but they'll be in again on Friday.  There have been a lot of requests for strawberries - so if there are any growers out there, drop in!

There's a new Wild Thymes delivery coming in this week, too - just in time for summer, they are offering a new line of barbecue sauces!

I am planning to have Morning Fog meats in our freezer by Friday as well.  These are literally the only hotdogs my family eats - home raised on local grasses and grains, locally processed and incredibly delicious.  They also have a wide selection of premium cuts as well.

I'd like to order some pies this week, too - so send in your requests - Charlene needs a few days lead time!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mel's Cuisine, summer veggies and a new freezer!

Happy summer, folks!  We have everything you might need for a day at the Lake (including Lake Myosotis beach passes to borrow!) or the creek!  Briquettes, graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate (have to recommend the new Dagoba chocolate we got in - it has chili peppers in it!), hotdogs, rolls, condiments, beverages and amazing local vegatables.

Speaking of which...  We've got White Knuckle Farm produce in, as well as Bob Kropp's crop!  Still getting lovely lettuces, though the romaine is about done, some local broccoli (supplemented by organic broccoli from Albert's), beets and new potatoes.  I've got lots of organic avocados, apples and oranges, as well as red onions and potatoes, all at a great price.  Bob tells me that we'll be getting beans in very soon, so stay tuned!

We have a UNFI order coming in next week - lots of good stuff!  I am taking case and/or bulk orders till Wednesday.  We'll be getting in more Free Bird organic chicken breasts, which were incredibly tasty, as well as some new prepared food.  We're going to be trying Mel's Gourmet Cuisine - Caribbean Chicken with rice (gluten-free!) as well as a few others.  Friday, the 2nd, we'll also have MacroVegetarian back in stock, too - Hunan and Shanghai Dumplings, Spinach noodle, and some sushi rolls!

One last reminder - we have a lot of frozen breads that we'll be moving to our new three door freezer over the next few days.  For gluten-free folks - I still have Mrs Turner's gluten-free bread and Chocoroons, as well as some Kinnikinick breads.  I also have room to display Julie's ice cream now - we have a ton of varieties - as well as some frozen Cowboy and Cowgirl cookies.  (Won't describe them - they are adorable and deeply delicious!)  The fantastic guys from Gillette Creamery have also restocked us on everything - even the all-important DIBS, so stop in over this hot weekend!

And - help!, if you are a soy milk lover - I was asked to order a case of Silk chocolate soy milk, but it's not moving - and I need space in the cooler for other things.

We are thinking of asking if we can join the Greenville Farmer's Market - so April and the kids might be over there on Saturday!  Otherwise, stop in for a sandwich - we have a huge fresh delivery of Boar's Head, as well as some organic cheddar we've been trying out.  And stay tuned for a new lunch menu!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sandwich update

We're easing our way into more complicated sandwiches!

We're starting some hot breakfast options with two breakfast sandwiches - the traditional egg and cheese on a hard roll with bacon - and a second that April's unofficially calling "the Medusa".  Its two eggs with cheese, and optional bacon, on a hard roll with a slight smear of Wild Thymes Thai Garlic dipping sauce.  Delicious folks, just enough of a zap to get you moving without making you run for a drink.

We're also getting a fax sheet together, with a progression calendar.  We'll take delivery orders for subs and hard roll sandwiches for lunch - order by 11, we'll deliver to surrounding regions as we get requests.  For now it is just the regular full or half sub or hard roll sandwich, but we're hoping to offer tossed salads (with all organic ingredients) and other prepared foods, as well as hot subs, in the coming months.  And don't forget the amazing Hunan and Shanghai dumplings (which my family has been living on!) and the spinach noodles, which is like a tastier and slightly spicier version of traditional sesame noodles.  Each are $4.80 each, and there's enough to share.

I wish I had some way of creating an anonymous sign up sheet online, but in the meantime, feel free to email me (aroggio@nycap.rr.com) your fax number, or just call the store at 518 239 6980.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Calling all Bicyclists!

 We've mapped some rides - you can't miss the Hilltowns, if you're a rider with a passion for hills, scenic locales and charming rural villages - and stop by the store for a fantastic deli sandwich and a huge selection of beverages.

View our Training Group

Monday, June 7, 2010

What's new and what's coming!

We are getting better at this, folks!  No problems with the staples, as of this morning - we have milk (both Byrne and Meadowbrook), bread (some, Freihofer will be in early this week) and lots of eggs (thanks to both Laurie, one of our amazing Medusa postmasters, and to Steve Kinney at White Knuckle Farm).

Thanks to Gillette, we also have lots of ice cream, though it looks like the weather will be a bit cooler this week!  Just a reminder - even though the freezer is still a disaster (new 3 door freezer arriving next week, hopefully!) - we have new organic freeze pops and lots of all-natural ice cream.

We had a fresh supple of produce on Friday as well, with table carrots and cucumbers, and a new batch of avocados.  And lots of local lettuce from Kropp's Cropps and White Knuckle Farm, rhubarb from Sheepy Valley Farm, strawberries from Morning Fog Farm (by Wednesday), and baby garlic from Dr. Eldridge, in Rensselaerville.  We also have fair trade bananas, Valenci oranges, organic tomatoes (that actually taste like tomatoes!), onions, potatoes and garlic.

On the grocery, we have too many new products to mention, but a few worth noting specifically include Lundberg's rice chips - we have honey dijon and cheese varieties and they are gluten free and taste amazing - and we have a huge batch of natural charcoal briquettes, so for those of you planning to BBQ at Lake Myosotis (which opens on Saturday!!), drop in for a bag.

Lastly, the deli is fully stocked, and waiting for your sandwich orders!  We are planning (still!) some specialty sandwiches and, soon, a few salads as well.  We are also planning to have some samples from Wild Thymes and new cheeses available Thursday - Saturday this week.

Drop in - and spread the word!!